When may your online payday loans lender need your contact information?

If you have ever applied for our payday loans online then you should know that one of the requirements is that consumer must provide his payday loans lender with the following contact information:

  • Telephone number
  • E-mail

You should use only services of trustworthy direct payday lenders such as borrowpayday.com whom you can trust your contact information without worrying that it will be passed to the third parties.

When can we call you or contact our customer by e-mail?

The first time that we need your contact information is exactly after applying for our payday loans online. When we get your application and approve it after processing your information you are going to get a call of our representative who will inform you that you have been qualified for the payday advance and congratulate with the approval or contact you via e-mail to tell you about the same things and attaching the copy of your agreement that must be signed.

Why is it important to keep in touch with your payday lender?

It is always good to contact your lending company if you have any questions concerning your payday loans online. You can contact our representatives 24 hours a day and 7 days per week because we are always ready to help you in case you have doubts if you need to apply for our payday loans or it is not exactly what you need at the moment. Our professional consultants will be glad to explain you how our loan system works and to offer you the best suitable loan. Don’t hesitate to call us using the contact information at our website.

When contacting your lender can become crucial?

There are some situations when you must contact your payday loans lender immediately without any delays. It must be done in case you know that you have problems with making the repayment of your borrowing.

You should remember that you are supposed to pay your loan back as you get the next salary. What will happen in case you are not able to repay it?

If you miss your payment term stated in your contract then you will definitely receive some fees and charges which have been defined by the agreement between both sides: the customer and the lender.

But if you keep in touch with your lender then you may avoid these unpleasant things. We understand that sometimes it is difficult to predict what will happen the following day and you are not guilty if some unexpected circumstances have interfered you from making your loan repayment. We appreciate that you have chosen our loan services and we always try to find some solution to your problem which will suit you most. We can suggest you:

  1. To extend your loan.
  2. To refinance your loan.
  3. To get another loan.

Your payday loans lender doesn’t have the right to extend your loan automatically without your wish that’s why you should be available when the company’s representative may use your contact information to ask you about your further actions or to offer you some solution and consult about all possible consequences. Keeping in touch will save you from unnecessary problems that can be avoided.

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